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Hots2trotsky reviews The Last Myth on Amazon:

A fantastic and incredibly well researched book about a topic that is pressing on the modern collective consciousness in a profound way. Here’s the question, “has everyone always believed in the apocalypse?” This book offers a perspective and an insight into that question that I have rarely heard spoken and certainly havent read in any other place. Its a book about the end times and what that has meant historically but its also, and maybe more importantly, about how to live today, in the now. the authors are endowed with the gift of encapsulating a sprawling and seemingly unmanageable topic in an entertaining, witty and lryical package. They challenge hegemony and all its offspring. So be prepared to have your assumptions challenged if you are a liberal, a christian, an environmentalist, a feminist,a conservative or you have the misfortune of actually being Fukuyama. This book has expanded my understanding of cultural space-time in the way Susskind and Hawking have expanded my understanding of actual space-time. Its cosmic!

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