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Mark Sundeen reviews The Last Myth on Amazon:

One of the rare books that changed the way I understand the world. I started thinking that end-timers had been around forever, but Gross and Gilles through meticulous research and dazzling persuasion show that this doomsday thinking is a product of Judeo-Christianity in general and post-Atom-bomb America in particular. Why does this matter? Because in a culture of Chicken Littles, we’ve come to ignore and mock the latest predicted catastrophe–be it Y2K or bird flu or the Mayan calendar–all the while standing paralyzed in the face of the climate crisis that is not a figment of our cultural imagination, but an unavoidable fact.

It might sound like a dense academic treatise but Gross and Gilles are not wonks but actual writers, and the prose is vivid, swift, and conversational. I read it in two long sittings. The books it reminded me of are Ecology of Fear by Mike Davis and What’s the Matter with Kansas by Tom Frank, books that massage with wit while clobbering with information, giving that rare and delicious sensation of having your mind pried open and filled with new ideas.

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