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Scrambo reviews The Last Myth on Amazon:

I highly recommend this book no matter your agenda. I am Christian and there was some of the theology commentary that I personally question, but the real issues are pertinent. The book confirms apocalypse and apocalyptic thinking. The apocalypse is an unsustainable way of life. The book also challenges each one of us to put our special interests in our pocket and open our minds to realities and to have real conversations that will lead to a path for the future. As the book explains many civilizations have expected the end, and it has never come. With that being said it only makes sense to overcome this manic denial that persists in our country today. I fear 7 dollar a gallon gas this summer is going to hasten this conversation. The answers are not going to come from Washington, they will come from individuals. Even before reading this book my wife and I had decided to start an organic farm with goats and chickens, because commuting 80 miles round trip daily in Atlanta is unsustainable. There may very well be tough times ahead and this book will help get your head out of your proverbial rear end and do something about it. Matt and Mel were two of my dearest friends in 1996, we had the most incredible conversations every Tuesday night as we killed bottles of Maker’s Mark. Thanks for the good times and a great book.

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